Community: Get to know Sebring

Welcome to the Village of Sebring, once known as the "Pottery Capital of the World"

The History of Sebring: “The most elevated and healthful tableland of our state.” That statement describes Sebring; how it used to be, and how it remains today. This is the story of dreams and hard work. Sebring was established by a family, and today, Sebring is a family! 

In the late 1800’s, the village of Sebring was founded by the Sebring brothers from East Liverpool, Ohio. The Sebring family dreamed of building their own pottery town, and that is exactly what they did.   The village was once known as the “Pottery Capital of the World”. In April 1898, construction of factories, homes, and stores began what was to become Sebring.   Whether it is in the factories that were built, the houses, the Sebring Six Car, or the Sebring Mansion, the story of Sebring and its history is still alive.  

Today, Sebring remains a small, tight-knit town with friendly people, safe streets, and beautiful public parks. With approximately 4,400 residents and two square miles of land, most residents cannot take a walk through the village without seeing someone they know. In this small village, everything you need is within walking distance: one police station, one library, two schools, two volunteer fire stations, a handful of stores, and several churches.  Sebring is hopeful that others will discover, as the Sebring brothers once did, that Sebring is full of hope and opportunity.   

This beautiful home was constructed in 1900 by Sebring’s founder; Frank Sebring. He wanted to design a home that was worthy of its status, so he used his fascination with the Italian Renaissance Era to inspire him.  He sent a crew of men to Italy with his blueprints and ideas. These men brought back the necessary supplies to create his home. This was the last mansion that the Sebring family built, and it took approximately five years to complete.

Today the home is known as The Sebring Mansion Inn and Spa which is full of history and beauty. There are numerous rooms; each one has its own meaning and purpose, which is a direct reflection of the founding village. This mansion is one of the main landmarks in the Village of Sebring and continues to fascinate and attract many people.

At the Sebring Mansion Inn and Spa you can spend a pleasurable visit relaxing while enjoying the splendor of the beautifully renovated home that once belonged to Frank Sebring. Schedule events for friends and family and enjoy chef prepared food in exquisite dining rooms served on china, with fine glassware and flatware. While dining, admire traditional fresh rose table centerpieces and the elegant decor. Stop by and take a tour to see for yourself how truly beautiful it is!