Look-A-Like Weapon at High School

This announcement is in regards to an incident that occurred at McKinley Jr/Sr. High School today.  A student brought a look-a-like gun into the building.  During a cafeteria study hall the student began waving it around and pointed it at several students and point blank at one of our paraprofessionals.  Law enforcement was contacted and responded immediately (within seconds).  Our policy states that this is a serious offense and this will not be taken lightly. Please remind your children that at first glance, look-a-like weapons often times appear to be real and induces panic, which happened in the instance. We are grateful that this incident did not turn into a tragedy as did in Cleveland.  The safety of your children is our top priority.

I did not feel going into lockdown was necessary since it was quickly discovered that the weapon was a look-a-like, NOT REAL.

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The Smith Township K-9 unit was brought to McKinley Jr/Sr High and BL Miller Elementary School on Tuesday November 25th.  The request was kept completely confidential by Superintendent  Viscounte so that  accurate information could be gathered.  The board and superintendent are proud to say that no illegal substances were found in any of the students' lockers or cars in the parking lots.  Keeping the drill confidential was important in order for the district to know if the schools truly are drug free.  Too many districts let employees or students know when they are coming which skews the result, it looks good for them in the media, however may not be accurate.  We are very excited with the results we had today.  Parents should feel comfortable knowing that the Sebring Local Schools are drug free.

Veterans' Day Photos


Veterans were  honored at BL Miller Elementary's Veterans' Day Assembly.  Students sang patriotic songs and read poems.  An incredible video was also shown, explaining why we honor the flag and the history of the Star Spangled Banner. Towards the close of the assembly, the melodies for each branch of our military was played.  Our Veterans, our honored guests, left an entire gymnasium of 300+ students who were completely silent, in honor of the taps played by our very own Mr. Linko, in respect of the service all of our verterans have offered unselfishly.  WE SAY THANK YOU, even though it does not begin to repay the commitment.



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New/continuing this year:

  • ALL Day Kindergarten
  • Journey's reading series for grades kindergarten-3rd
  • Go Math series for kindergarten-8th
  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to ensure that we are meeting each student's individual needs.
  • etextbook grant awarded for 4th grade social studies
  • etextbook grant awarded for STEM
  • Gifted services
  • Dual credit courses
  • Foreign language
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