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Sebring Local Schools Awarded for PBIS Programs

BL PBIS Assembly

September 16, 2022

Sebring Local Schools received awards for the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) systems implemented at both B.L. Miller Elementary and McKinley Jr./Sr. High School.

The PBIS model is a three-tiered framework of practices and systems to create an environment and offer the support students need to succeed both in behavior and academic achievements.

The process begins with the establishment of school-wide behavior expectations in Tier 1, followed by more targeted support for at-risk students in Tier 2 and individualized support for students in Tier 3.

B.L. Miller Bronze PBIS Award
Sebring B.L. Miller has been awarded the Bronze award for its success in fulfilling Tier 1 goals throughout the building three years in a row. 

Each day, students are reminded of the B.L. Miller promises - to be respectful, be responsible, be safe, and be positive. Examples of positive behaviors and appropriate actions that meet these expectations are posted throughout the building to reinforce the expectations to fulfill these promises. 

“Our PBIS team has worked hard to rebuild our program from the ground up,” says Betsy Walsh, kindergarten teacher and PBIS team member. “Our entire B.L. staff is on board and the consistency throughout the day allows our students to know all expectations, all of the time.”

Teachers and staff recognize students who display respectful, responsible, safe, or positive behaviors with Purple Positives - post cards that celebrate the positive behaviors observed that are read aloud to their peers during lunch, rewarded with a student-chosen trinket and are then sent home to share with their families. “Students enjoy receiving purple positives and their parents are always so proud to receive them in the mail,” says Walsh.

In addition, each week students can earn the opportunity to participate in special activities or earn rewards by fulfilling the expectations for their grades’ ‘Kids Going Places’ card. Rewards have included treats, extra recess, lunch outside, and more. At the end of each semester, each student can qualify for a special activity such as a movie screening and popcorn.

“Our staff and students have been amazing over the past year!” says Leann Laure, third grade teacher who is part of the building’s PBIS team. “Not only do they know their BL Miller Promises, but they work hard to keep and show them to others each day.”

Laure explains that this year B.L. Miller is celebrating with WooHoo Wednesdays. On these special days, two students who have shown their promises in the past week are chosen to receive special shirts. The entire school celebrates with special music and loads of Woohoos!

“It is our goal to create a learning environment that celebrates all of the students who are following the B.L. Miller promises,” says Walsh.

McKinley Silver Award
This year, Sebring McKinley has achieved a Silver award for its targeted supports and interventions in the second tier of the PBIS program, enhancing the school climate and culture

The administrators, counselors, teachers, students, and parents who comprise the PBIS team make decisions to improve student behaviors and a positive school culture. The program implements evidence-based practices including behavioral instruction and a student recognition system to create these positive outcomes. 

At McKinley, Students earn points for demonstrating Responsible, Respectful and Safe behaviors throughout the building, at extracurricular activities, and at athletic events. Students are able to cash in their points in classroom and school stores in exchange for snacks, supplies, or special privileges such as the student lounge that opened last spring.

BL PBIS Assembly


B.L. Miller principal Nichole Hanley talks with students about expectations during assemblies at the beginning of the school year in August 2022. As students earn Purple Positives, they are entered into a drawing for a t-shirt bearing the B.L. Miller promises- and she tells students that the staff hopes that each student will receive a shirt throughout the course of the year.

McKinley Student Lounge





McKinley students earn points, which can be redeemed for rewards, including time in the student lounge.



Purple Positive


A Sebring student at B.L. Miller Elementary feeds his ‘purple positive’ post card - containing the recognition for positive behaviors - into the locker. Cards recognizing responsible, safe, respectful and positive behaviors are read aloud to students and their peers as part of the school’s three-time award-winning PBIS program.



B.L. Miller Elementary students enjoy a special afternoon with a movie and popcorn as a semester reward in the PBIS program.

BL KGP Reward


The KGP (Kids Going Places) program rewards students for meeting expectations specific to his or her grade level. Here, a student enjoys a special holiday treat in March 2022 for earning her KGP card for the week.

BL PBIS Reward


B.L. Miller Elementary students enjoy extra time outside through the KGP (Kids Going Places) program as a reward. (Spring 2022)


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