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Sebring Students Greeted with Festive Return to School

First day of school 2022

Sebring students returned to school on Thursday, August 18, kicking the year off with fun celebrations to set the tone and intentions for the year ahead.

At B.L. Miller Elementary, students spent the morning reviewing the building expectations that make up the building’s award-winning PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program- to be Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Positive. These promises are posted throughout the building with expectations for different locations throughout the building, setting the tone for a positive experience for the year.

Staff at Sebring McKinley Jr./Sr. High School greeted students in bright yellow shirts reading ‘You are exactly what this family needs’ in tribute to the building’s theme for the school year centered around the inspiring message of family and individual value from the movie Encanto. 

Students and staff discussed the themes in Encanto, including family and self-worth, leading students to identify their own gifts they contribute to the Sebring family. “Each of you has something special,” said Principal Brian Clark as he addressed the McKinley student body, “and what’s unique is you have a staff that recognizes that.” He went on to encourage students to use their time and resources this year at McKinley to find their gift - an interest, a talent, a passion - that they would use to contribute to - or even change- the world!

The day at McKinley was filled with festive activities to strengthen the culture of the Trojan family, including Conversation Bingo and a viewing of Encanto, complete with conversation and activities about the movie. The afternoon concluded with games, a photo booth, and even a dancing competition for the junior and senior high school students.

BL Miller First Day of School


Principal Nichole Hanley engages students in a discussion about appropriate behaviors and manners to set the expectations for B.L. Miller in the cafeteria.

BL Miller First Day of School


Sebring B.L. Miller Elementary staff on the first day of school.

McKinley First Day of School


Sebring McKinley staff brought energy and excitement to the first day of school with the building’s theme focusing on the messages presented in the Disney film Encanto, setting a tone for the year that establishes value in student contributions and creating a welcoming culture of acceptance.

McKinley First Day of School


Principal Brian Clark welcomes students with an inspiring speech, encouraging students to find their gift.

McKinley First Day of School


Mrs. Keely Kandel talks to students while answering questions about her summer to fill in the students’ conversation bingo cards.

McKinley First Day of School


Mrs. Carolyn Hollback plays conversation bingo with McKinley students on the first day of school.


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