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Sebring Kindergarten Students Celebrate 100 Days of Learning and Growth

100th Day of Kindergarten

February 2 marked a milestone in Sebring kindergarten classes as the students celebrated their 100th day of school.

Students rotated through interactive activities throughout the day as they practiced counting and writing numbers to 100.

“We take a very fun and hands-on approach to learning here at BL Miller, and the 100th day is no exception,” says Sebring kindergarten teacher Betsy Walsh. 

Crafts, activities, and games had students counting their way to 100 several times throughout the day - by one, fives, and tens - as they celebrated. This year, students created a poster with a collection of 100 items on it. Students had the opportunity to show off their display and count to 100 for their class. Even a special 100th-day trail mix snack required students to count out ten pieces of ten different snack items into a treat bag.

The skills and knowledge gained in the first 100 days of kindergarten goes far beyond counting to 100, explains Walsh.

“Our philosophy is to meet every child exactly where they are at, and our small class sizes allow us to set every student up for success,” says Walsh. “We provide a child-centered and hands-on classroom environment with a curriculum that integrates play into the day in order to foster the social and emotional needs of our learners.”  

2023-2024 Kindergarten Registration
Sebring Kindergarten Registration is Friday, March 3, 2023 for residential students. Appointments must be made in advance. Sebring families should contact Mary Harlan at 330-938-2025 to schedule a registration and screening appointment.

Sebring offers open enrollment for individuals who reside in other districts. Families wishing to open enroll in Sebring Local Schools should contact the superintendent’s office at 330-938-6165  for more information.

100th Day 2023

Sebring kindergarten students celebrated the 100th day of school by creating their own 100th-day trail mix - counting ten pieces of ten different items into a treat bag.

100th Day 2023
Sebring kindergarten counted out 100 pieces of cereal, then put their fine motor skills to work as they threaded them onto strings to create necklaces on the 100th day of school this year.

100th Day 2023
On the 100th day of school, Sebring kindergarten students made crafts and did activities as they practiced counting to the number 100.

100th Day 2023
A Sebring kindergarten student shows off a gumball machine craft with a paint stamp for each of the 100 days of school.

100th Day 2023
Sebring kindergarten students worked together to stack cups into towers on the 100th day of school - with 100 cups, of course!

100th Day 2023
Sebring students show off their necklaces featuring 100 pieces of cereal on the 100th day of kindergarten.

100th Day 2023
Sebring B.L. Miller Elementary kindergarten students celebrated the 100th day of school with crafts, activities, and snacks highlighting the number 100



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