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Sebring Kindergarten Students Celebrate 100th Day of School

100th Day of Kindergarten 2022


February 14, 2022

Last week, kindergarten students at B.L. Elementary School celebrated 100 days of learning and growth.

The day was filled with activities centered around the number 100. The students counted - by ones, fives, and tens - their way to 100 as they completed activities, played games, and did crafts. The students practiced their motor skills alongside their counting skills as they stacked cups and threaded beads onto a necklace. Arts and crafts celebrated the number 100 as students in Mrs. Walsh’s class painted gumballs in groups of 10 onto a paper gumball machine.

The day was a celebration of the wisdom gained over the last 100 days of school - just over half of the students’ first year. Some students dressed up as though they were 100 years old to pay tribute to their growth and the knowledge they have gained over this time.

2022-2023 Kindergarten Registration

Sebring Kindergarten Registration is February 23, 2022 for residential students. Appointments must be made in advance. Sebring families should contact Mary Harlan at 330-938-2025 to schedule a registration and screening appointment.

Sebring offers open enrollment for individuals who reside in other districts. Families wishing to open enroll in Sebring Local Schools should contact the superintendent’s office at 330-938-6165 for more information.


100th Day of Kindergarten100th Day of Kindergarten

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