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students using code-and-go mouse Your limitation is only limited to your imagination. Abel Laney teacher and student review project in 3D printing software National Foreign Language Week B.L. Miller Kindergarten Students celebration 100 Days of School! It's okay to struggle. It's NOT okay to give up! Congratulations Houston Fountain, winner of B.L. Miller's 2021 Spelling Bee! Everything you say and do creates and impact B.L. Miller students see Elf on the Shelf in the entryway Nonperishable items on a table students eating Four students playing esports students holding candy dishes Elf on the Shelf at B.L. Miller McKinley Front Doors B.L. students are ready for a great school year! We were excited to welcome McKinley students safely into our building on the first day! Everyone at McKinley worked together to raise $3,367.67 for #HopeForBrenden this year! Sebring McKinley Junior High School offers robotics. Sebring McKinley has a talented and passionate staff, who are dedicated to the students they teach. Sebring Local Schools are 1 to 1 in technology, meaning each student has his/her own Chromebook. Students in Mrs. Walsh's kindergarten class eat their breakfast and work on a project. Positive messages can be seen throughout the walls inside both school buildings. Sebring Administration Building BL Miller School Entrance

District Profile

Last Updated: 6/21/2018 12:42 PM

Toni Viscounte, Superintendent

Sebring Local School District Administration

510 North 14th Street

Sebring, Ohio 44672

Phone: 330-938-6165

Fax: 330-938-4701


Welcome to the Sebring Local Schools where we open the door to each child's future.

We are a growing K-12 school district serving an estimated 4,300 residents.  Our schools, B.L. Miller Elementary and McKinley Jr./Sr. High, serve approximately 550 students.

In Sebring Local Schools, we are much more than a grade on a state report card. Our teachers and faculty members our dedicated workers, who strive to provide the best academic experience for your child. Our schools have hidden treasures for multiple reasons.  We have small class sizes. That means our students are offered more personalized class instruction. All-day kindergarten is offered at no charge to the families. Sebring Local Schools are also ahead of the curve. We were one of the first districts in the area to offer a 1:1 ratio with technology. Also, our online courses at the high school offer students opportunities they cannot find in other local districts.  In addition, several of our elective courses have only a handful of students in the class. These small class sizes enable our students to grasp the content and gain a deeper understanding of the material being taught. Eligible students may participate in our early college program. Through this program, students are afforded the opportunity to earn up to 42 college credit hours while attending McKinley High School, which can make a big difference in a student’s future. Plus, all students receive free breakfast and lunch during the school year.

Our long history of strong academic success is directly connected to a dedicated and talented staff, innovative school leadership, a devoted board of education, active and strong parental involvement, and a supportive and generous community. As an award-winning school district with a long tradition of excellence in education, we value a system of continuous improvement that permeates every aspect of its work in order to become a center of educational excellence. We are committed to providing a challenging curriculum, skilled instruction, and a learning environment that responds to individual student academic needs. Our efforts are guided by research and the belief that every student is capable of attaining high levels of educational achievement in preparation for meeting the rigorous demands of the twenty-first century.

Our work together requires teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership toward a common mission, vision, values and goals. Sebring teachers are lifelong learners and continually seek out and attend professional development.  This training helps them learns skills that are utilized in their teaching practices. The teaching staff is trained in Illuminate, a data assessment tool, which is used to assist in customizing educational outcomes for their students.   The staff works as a team to do what is best for students. Our district leadership plan focuses on empowering all students to excel in a global society. Our innovative approach to teaching and learning develops student empowerment, accountability and responsibility.

Please contact me via email at or by phone at 330-938-6165.  I encourage you to subscribe by email to our e-communication registration that is updated regularly and provides an opportunity for two-way interaction with our stakeholders.  I am happy to answer your questions or share more information regarding Sebring Local Schools.

Toni Viscounte, Superintendent

Sebring Local Schools  |  510 North 14th Street  |  Sebring, OH 44672
Phone:(330) 938-6165  |  Fax:(330) 938-4701